EP + T Shirt Bundle

EP + T Shirt Bundle

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Make women want you and men want to be you for this great savings.

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Best bang for your buck.  Support DRB in all they do by rocking the shirt and the album.
Receive a T Shirt and the Everything I Am EP for only $20 USD


In the event of wanting to purchase more t shirts don't worry.  As long as you fill out the proper information on the checkout screen, you will receive an email with a code for a discounted rate on t-shirts.  A way for us to say thank you.  It is good for one time use.  DRB t shirts make good gifts for holidays, birthdays, baby showers, graduations, religious coming of age party's, bridal showers, the "Hey I don't want to lead you on but I wanted to show that I think we have a good thing going and don't want to rush it because I really can see this turning into something great and I know we said no gifts but I really want you to know I think about you and I miss you when you're not around and this is one of my new favorite bands and I hope you like them because it's kind of a deal breaker if you don't but maybe we can work through it because you make me weak and I like that. On second thought it's not a deal breaker, you shouldn't have to like what I like. It's the difference in things that makes us who we are and why I....hey where you going......I am sorry....come back......." moments, and all other huge moments in life that require gifts......or a shirt for laundry day.

Note: All T Shirts are Adult Male.  Current Stock ranges from Medium, Large, X-Large, and 2x-Large.