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【New product recommendation】Reneng launches DFN8X8 new package-Industry news-荣鼎彩注册
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【New product recommendation】Reneng launches DFN8X8 new package

Hit count:  Date:2020-06-27 15:31:21

Ruineng Semiconductor has recently launched a 650V SiC Diode series with a new package DFN 8X8 (8mm X 8mm X 0.85mm). The package series covers 650V, 4A/6A/8A/10A four new products.

Compared with the D2PAK package, the DFN 8X8 package area and volume are reduced by 42% and 88%, respectively. And has a leadless design, reduce parasitic inductance, reduce thermal resistance, and improve power density advantages.

In addition to the advantages brought by the new package DFN8X8, this silicon carbide chip inherits the advantages of the previous silicon carbide products of Ruineng Semiconductor.

  • Using Merged PiN Schottky (MPS) structure. The Ruineng MPS structure has a significant minority carrier injection effect under high current, which makes the product can withstand dozens of times of surge surge current and has a very strong tolerance.

  • Using industry-leading Thin Wafer process. Ruineng silicon carbide chips are thinner than other similar products on the market and have better heat dissipation performance.

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