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Huawei's victory! ! !-Industry news-荣鼎彩注册
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Huawei's victory! ! !

Hit count:  Date:2020-03-14 11:27:18

Huawei has two good news:

1. Following the US exemption from tariffs on some Chinese medical supplies, just now, the US government has once again extended Huawei's temporary license.

2. British vote: Huawei is allowed to participate in 5G construction, and many European countries embrace Huawei 5G technology

According to a Reuters report, on the 10th local time, the US government said it would extend Huawei's temporary license to May 15 to allow US companies to conduct business with Huawei.

Multiple Huawei concept stocks daily limit

Affected by this news, the Huawei Concept Index once rose nearly 2% earlier, and the Huawei Concept stocks have been up and down many times.

According to data from the Flush Flush, in the early trading on the 11th, among the concept stocks of Huawei, 8 stocks such as Yimikang, Hengtong Optoelectronics, and Yonggui Electric had daily limits.

UK vote: allow Huawei to participate in 5G construction, many European countries embrace Huawei 5G technology

On March 10th, local time, the British House of Commons held a vote on whether to gradually remove Huawei from the construction of the UK 5G network by 2022. The result of the vote decided to maintain Huawei’s current limited proposal to participate in the UK 5G construction.

According to the British BBC News report, the proposed amendment to remove Huawei was proposed by 38 members of the Conservative Party in the British Parliament. According to the procedure, the British House of Commons voted on the amendment. The amendment was rejected by 306 votes to 282 votes.

According to the latest data released by Huawei, as of February 20, Huawei has won 91 5G commercial contracts worldwide, with more than 600,000 5G base station shipments. Among them, more than half of the contracts came from the European region, a total of 47.

Huawei has reached initial intentions for 5G deployment with operators in several European countries.

Huawei predicts: China accounts for more than half of 5G base stations worldwide

Huawei predicts that by the end of this year, China will still account for more than 50% of the global 5G base station construction, and still account for more than 70% of the world in the number of users.

In terms of the number of 5G commercial contracts, Huawei has won 91 5G commercial contracts, and ZTE has won 46 5G commercial agreements

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