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About Youshun Technology Co., Ltd.

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     Youshun Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 1990, focusing on the research and development, design, manufacturing, packaging, testing and marketing of analog ICs and discrete components. In order to provide customers with complete solutions and price competitive advantages, the company's business strategy adopts vertical integration of IDM resources, hoping to give customers the best choice and create the greatest economic benefits for customers.

     IDM takes a proactive approach, from product development, design, manufacturing, packaging, testing to brand marketing, to fully master its independent capabilities at every key point to achieve capacity assurance and technical independence, and fully demonstrate the competitiveness of enterprises.

      Youshun Technology has a complete analog component product line, the products are mainly IC (including cover power management, power driver, LED driver chip, LED power supply, operational amplifier, comparator, digital power amplifier, logic IC, etc.), and discrete devices are supplemented ( Low voltage MOS tube with cover, high voltage MOS tube, super junction MOS, fast recovery diode, diode, triode, Schottky, bidirectional thyristor, thyristor, etc.),

      The main products are widely used in communication products such as mobile phones, smart phones, LNB, satellite navigation devices, wireless communication equipment; consumer electronic products such as MP3 and PMP, digital cameras, portable devices, LCD TVs and panel products; PC such as Notebook computers, monitors, keyboards, wireless mice, motherboards, VGA cards, power supplies, DC FAN, Adapter, external hard disk storage devices and computer peripheral products and other related markets.

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