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Introduction of orient Technology Co., Ltd.-Industry news-荣鼎彩注册
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Introduction of orient Technology Co., Ltd.

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Orient Technology Co., Ltd., stock code 832016, was founded in 1998 and was listed on January 2015. It is the national high-tech enterprise with the longest history of R&D and manufacturing of LED chips in the mainland and the most complete product series. Shenzhen Orende Technology Co., Ltd. includes three companies: Shenzhen Orende Optoelectronics Co., Ltd., Jiangmen Orende Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Orende Components Co., Ltd. The industrial chain covers LED epitaxial wafers, LED chips, Packaging and photoelectric switches, sensors and other application products. At present, the 0603 button light, 020 backlight, 2016 flash and optocoupler ORPC-817 produced by our company should be widely used by mobile phone solution providers and mobile phone manufacturers. Light sensor and proximity sensor is one of the latest products successfully introduced by Orende and Intersil, a well-known semiconductor manufacturer in the United States. Light sensing and proximity sensors use Intersil IC with superior performance, international advanced packaging equipment, materials, and technologically advanced molding technology. And equipped with a professional FAE technical team, stable quality and reliable quality. Allende always regards technological innovation as the core competitiveness of enterprise development, has a strong R&D team, and strictly requires itself with world-class production standards and quality standards to provide customers with the most cost-effective products. The company has passed ISO9001 quality System certification, some products have passed UL, CE, VDE, SGS, CQC and other domestic and international safety certification. The first domestic company to develop and produce 850nm infrared LED chips; the first domestic company to develop and produce optocouplers; the first domestic manufacturer to successfully mass produce ambient light and distance sensors...

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