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Enterprise culture


Core values of the company: Satisfy customers, reassure shareholders, and make employees happy.

  ● Customer success: Committed to the satisfaction and success of customers and users.

  ● Employee-oriented: Strive to create a healthy and prosperous life for employees.

  ● Efficient execution: result-oriented, and pursue speed and efficiency.

  ● Honesty and pragmatism: be a man and do things, keep promises, and be pragmatic.

Our mission

Create higher value for customers: enhance the value and quality of products and services, and help customers succeed.

Create a better future for employees: help employees realize their personal ideals and life values.

Create greater benefits for the company: "Open source and cost reduction" is the direction that all employees will work hard forever. The company's profitability continues to grow and the company's platform continues to grow.

Create more contributions for the society: make more contributions in China's electronic information industry, electronic component industry and the scope of social responsibility involved.

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