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        In 1995, he started his own business and established the "Shunjia Microelectronics Firm in Futian District, Shenzhen", specializing in the trade of large foreign semiconductor brands. In 2008, "Shenzhen Youlikang Electronics Co., Ltd." was established, which established good relations with major domestic and foreign original factories and began to cultivate terminal factory customers. In 2016, a wholly-owned subsidiary "Shenzhen Chuanggao Technology Co., Ltd." was established to sign agency agreements with major domestic and foreign brands. Our company has technical support and R&D team personnel, and logistics department, purchasing department, business department, quality control department, accounting department, personnel department, and administrative departments. Our company can tailor the product number according to the customer's wishes, and can provide strong support and help for the customer's cost reduction. Youlikang is headquartered in Shenzhen, Hong Kong, and has offices in Fuzhou and Shunde. Our current business is divided into factories and Trade two teams.

        (Chuangao Company) is mainly responsible for the sales promotion agency brand, Ruineng/WeEn, Jiejiewei/JJM, Orient/ORIENT, Youshun/UTC, Shenzhen Mingwei, Luxin/Lu-Semi, Xinyuanwei/ KTP, Taiwan Housheng and other brands. The team specializes in terminal factory customers, and the target customers are mainly high-end terminal factories. Our products are used in various household appliances, power chargers/adapters, PD fast charging, LED power supplies, server power supplies, power tools, security monitoring, Leakage protection switches, power tools, automotive new energy, consumer electronics and other application fields market.

        (Youli Kang Company) is mainly responsible for the sale of major brands at home and abroad, serving customers are large and medium-sized traders nationwide. After more than 20 years of operation and development, the number of cooperating customers nationwide has exceeded 2,000. The main brands are ST, ON, TI, INFINEON, TOSHIBA, INTEL, SILAN, EVERLIGHT, LITEON, CJ, JRC, MIC, RECTRON, HF, POWER, RENESAS, VISHAY, MAXIM, PANJIT, NEC, NUVOTON, OB, SIPEX Wait.

        Over the past 20 years of development, the company has received strong support and love from friends from all walks of life and internal teams. From internal management, product quality control and guarantee, and efficient service-oriented, we keep pace with the times, pre-sale and post-sale systems The management is continuously improved and improved in order to better ensure that we can meet the needs of new and old customers today. In the future, we will learn more and devote our best efforts to serve each of our customers and friends. We will continue our journey in the future, do not forget the original intention, and make our contribution to the semiconductor industry with greater confidence and professional experience.

        All the colleagues of Youlikang thank the friends from all walks of life for their great support over the years. In the future, we will work together to create a win-win situation!

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