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        We value every employee who chooses Youlikang. As China's leading authorized semiconductor and electronic component distributor, our core competitiveness comes from our excellent employees. Qualified employees who meet Youlikang's electronic standards are the company's greatest wealth.

        Business ethics is our core value. We treat customers and employees with the same business ethics standards. We welcome highly qualified employees with a sense of ethics to join us. We recognize that such employees can provide customers with the most professional business services for the company. Lasting contribution to maximum value.

        Excellent employees have the opportunity to become partners of Youlikang Electronics, share the company's overall revenue, and can actively participate in the company's new business development and become the discoverer and leader of new business opportunities in the industry. Youlikang Electronic Technology is innovative and executive And leadership employees provide a certain development space.

        Growing together with our cherished excellent employees, gaining experience and sharing wealth are the goals that Youlikang has been pursuing.

A happy, sharing, growing, and open office environment is the best choice we provide to you!

        Welcome to choose and join Youlikang!

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