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Company Profile

Since its inception,  Shenzhen Youlikang Electronics Co., Ltd.  has clearly established itself in the local market, understands market needs, and meets customer needs and surpasses the goal. The company has two constant temperature main warehouses, which are located in Huaqiang North Station and Huaxin Station in Futian District; two store warehouses are convenient for customers to visit and pick up goods......

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Service system


  • Provide free samples and technical support at any time!!
  • Large amount of stock, reasonable price, original quality assurance
  • Professional, dedicated, dedicated, experienced service team in the industry
  • Special person after-sales tracking, set up a complaint and return visit management mechanism
  • Integrity, innovation, responsibility, growth, simplicity, efficiency

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Silicon controlled rectifier
Integrated circuit

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Enterprise culture

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News Center


【New product recommendation】Reneng launches DFN8X8 new package

Ruineng Semiconductor has recently launched a 650V SiC Diode series with a new package DFN 8X8 (8mm X 8mm X 0.85mm). The package series covers 650V, 4A/6A/8A/10A four new product....

$ 1.16 billion! Infineon raises funds for Cypress acquisition

On May 26, Infineon stated that it had raised approximately 1.06 billion euros (1.16 billion US dollars) through the issuance of new shares to provide some funding for the Cypress acquisition....

Huawei's victory! ! !

Huawei has two good news: 1. Following the US exemption from tariffs on some Chinese medical supplies, just now, the US government has once again extended Huawei's temporary license. 2. British vote: Huawei is allowed to participate in 5G constr…...

About Youshun Technology Co., Ltd.

Youshun Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 1990, focusing on the research and development, design, manufacturing, packaging, testing and marketing of analog ICs and discrete components. In order to provide customers with complete solutions and price…...

Three transformations of Jiejie Microelectronics

Entering Jiangsu Jiejie Microelectronics Co., Ltd. in Qidong Science and Technology Park, the production lines in the workshop are full of horsepower and busy. In the Qidong Economic Development Zone 4 km away, the company's new power electronic devic…...

Introduction of orient Technology Co., Ltd.

Orient Technology Co., Ltd., stock code 832016, was founded in 1998 and was listed on January 2015. It is the national high-tech enterprise with the longest history of R&D and manufacturing of LED chips in the mainland and the most complete product series…...

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